30 August 2008

Go Buckeyes!

We rang in the football season in style.
Thomas watched the game while Gina made a healthy lunch.

Bread: take 2

Gina was determined to make edible bread. She found a new recipe and measured her ingredients with a kitchen scale.
Her "Rustic Italian Bread" before:
And after. It took forever to make this bread. Gina had to leave midway through to play at a wedding, so Thomas baked it.
Delicious! It turned out exactly right.

28 August 2008


Gina tried to make homemade bread this afternoon.
It's hard to tell what happened because Gina never cooked bread before, but the bread is horrible. It is kind of like concrete. Thomas, who is always kind, said that it is delicious but that he probably will just eat 2 slices.

24 August 2008

Good One

To see a video of Gina's grannies playing Mario Kart, click here.

23 August 2008

Game night

Winnie is very good at Rummikub, actually.

Guess what we saw

Tonight the three of us went with Meaghan and Scott to see a really good movie!
It was great. The audience was very animated (get it?) and a lady behind us laughed really hard at everything. Everyone clapped when the panda didn't eat the dumpling and at the end of the movie too. It was lots of fun.

22 August 2008

Fiesta with Daniel

Around here, Friday night is Mariachi night!
The best chips and salsa
Girly men with some girly drinks
Thanks for dinner, Daniel!

We're not sure why, but when we requested a fast song they played us "Rocky Top."

21 August 2008

Home Sweet Home

Thomas found these Johannesbeeren at Harris Teeter.
He made the most delicious Thomas cakes out of them, along with some blueberries. Here they are before:
And after. They didn't last long.
The carrots from the garden are ready now. We're trying some tonight.

15 August 2008

Quebec City Day 2

Today we had a picnic lunch, then walked around the citadel and the Plains of Abraham. After that we went to the Quebec Aquarium, where Mama took this cool picture of a bug.
The aquarium was full of friendly animals...

I touched a starfish.
The highlight was the seal show.
This guy reminded me of Bella asking for food.

14 August 2008

Quebec City

Quebec City is absolutely lovely. We had a nice time today walking around town. This is the view from the old city walls.
Lunch. The weather was so beautiful that my folks wanted to find a restaurant with an open window they could sit next to. We found one!
The Chateau Frontenac. Pretty fancy - I think I'd like to stay here next time I'm in town.
Thomas wouldn't be afraid to climb up on these ladders.

Trois Rivières

Tonight was our second-to-last concert! It was extra special for me because my parents were there. They drove for 2 days to get here.
After the concert we came to Quebec City and we'll stay here for a few days. It will be nice to do a little sightseeing.

13 August 2008

La Tuque

Today Fred was on tv promoting tomorrow's concert in Trois Rivières.
We drove about 2 hours north for our concert tonight. We got to town early and had a short rehearsal in the church for some new music we'll be playing this weekend.

There was just enough seating for 100 people in the church, and we had 101! There were people everywhere, including behind us in the chorus section.

I'm excited because my parents are coming to visit tomorrow. We will spend a couple of days in Quebec City together, then meet up for our last concert on Sunday.

10 August 2008

Cap Rouge

Today we played at St. Felix du Cap Rouge, in Quebec City. This church was tucked away in a cute little neighborhood. We had our smallest audience so far, but they were very enthusiastic and friendly.

This painting was on the wall directly between the two violinists, right at eye level. I couldn't stop looking at it, even when we were playing.
Because the lion had feet like a person.

Thomas the Chef

chicken breasts with chive and mustard sauce
Dr. Oetker's Pistachio Mousse Supreme (available at World Market)


Our church tonight was huge. We had a good crowd too, 240 people. They just completed renovations on the church and our concert was part of a big thank-you party for all the donors. After the concert we were invited to a reception. Someone made a speech that I didn't understand at all, and there were some very nice hors d'oeuvres.

08 August 2008

Les Bergeronnes

We arrived in Les Bergeronnes yesterday to this fancy sign outside the church.
We got a very warm welcome from the people in this small town. We stayed with host families last night who fixed us dinner and breakfast. This is Mezzo.
On the way south to Trois Rivieres, the highway came to an end and all the cars loaded on to a big flat boat, which transported us across a fjord to where the road picked back up. I never heard of such a thing. People were out kayaking in the fjord.