19 October 2009

Dear faithful readers,

Friends and family, strangers, random people who found us on the internet when you felt like baking and googled Toblerone Cake (hello Swiss people!):

We are moving up in the world!

We are pretty bad at using Blogger. We can't move pictures around in a post and it's hard to get the spacing right. Things keep getting randomly underlined and then we can't get the underlines to go away. It's time for this craziness to end because we are very busy people with dissertations to write.

So we moved. Our new site is:


Please come visit!

18 October 2009

Fall Break

We work so hard in all our jobs and of course on our dissertations too.

So we were really ready for a long weekend - classes were cancelled for Columbus Day and we went to the zoo. We haven't been there for a year and a half! Lots of things are the same. Do you see any animals?
But they did put in a few new things. For example during the really long hike from Africa to North America (1:1 scale) they put in a geyser! Beat that Steffi and Dietmar! And in the dome where the monkeys and meerkats and little tiny deer animal used to be, there is now an exhibit of African Violets. Psst! You wanna buy some gold watches?

And this here is just a nice flamingo with some feathers in his mouth.

08 October 2009

A Great Quiz

What does this spider look like to you?