29 April 2009

Our new website

Our new teaching website is almost up and running. We're using new software to manage our music studio and we're redesigning everything. Here it is:


If you have a minute, we would sure appreciate it if you let us know what you think - or if you see any mistakes!

27 April 2009

Donations please

Dear friends and family, could you loan us 1.5 million dollars to purchase this house? We like it.
We saw it on the Parade of Homes tour yesterday with our friends Kevin and Shawn. It was fun to drive around and visit these crazy huge brand-new houses.

The bottom floor of that tower on the left there is a great big closet.
Overall, seeing these houses made us feel very much like we are broke. We will probably not ever have heated floors, a movie room, a lake view, or a toilet with a silently-closing lid. However we do have the same refrigerator as the one in the "basement kitchen" of the $1.5 million house. Wow!

24 April 2009

Move over Lemonheads and Friends

We have a new favorite candy: Giant Chewy Nerds. On the outside it's nerds, then a layer of sour, and in the middle it's like a gumdrop. It's so good we almost died!

20 April 2009

Call for Recipes

Okay, some of you may be thinking, "enough with all the crock pot business," but Gina is just getting on board with this whole cooking method. This morning she dumped some chicken and 2 cans of soup into the machine, and when she came home in the afternoon, it had turned into this. Astounding!

So, we'd like to request some recipes of yours to try out in our shiny new machine. Do you have any favorites? Just post a recipe or two on your blog and leave us a comment with a link when you do.

Thanks and have a lovely dinner.

19 April 2009


Gina broke Thomas' beautiful crock pot while he was in Utah. She didn't mean to... sorry Thomas.
She fixed it and now it's good as new.

18 April 2009

More Wild Beasts

We have a bit of a wilderness situation. This baby tarantula was hopping around the back porch.
There are at least two baby boa constrictors underneath the porch.
Every time we try to go outside we are assaulted by these animals. We also have giant killer bees and hornets that have been coming in to the kitchen.

16 April 2009

15 April 2009

Snow...or is it salt!

Last night Suzy jumped up on my lap to watch the Jazz-Laker game. Don't show this to Winnie!
It was snowing this morning, when Daniel and I got up to go to the gym
Daniel's been giving me some pointers on how to shoot the NBA 3

Look at all the snow! This was taken around 2pm.

14 April 2009

Park City and Energy Solutions Arena

This morning we drove up into the mountains a bit to visit Park City. These are the ski jump ramps used during the Winter Olympics held here.
It was a cooler, rainy day...a perfect day for some shopping at the Outlets! Banana Republic (aka Pineapple Dictatorship) had a 40% off sale for the entire store. Needless to say we all found something we liked.
For lunch I was treated to a Salt Lake City specialty: fish tacos, which we enjoyed back at Baba's, where Daniel has been staying. She is lots of fun! They have fish taco stands all over the place here.
This is Suzy
This afternoon went back to the Energy Solutions Arena to meet up with Elizabeth's dad (Daniel's future father in law) John, where he works. He was the one who gave us the tickets for last night's game. Today he took us on a wonderful tour behind the scenes of the arena.
Here we are in the Jazz locker room
Some stats up on a white board
Walking to the arena we saw all these semis and buses lined up outside the arena...about 30 semis and 20 buses.
This is why:
Whenever I perform there are 0 semis and 0 buses, just me in my purple Dodge Neon 'Prince'
They were working hard at transforming the place for Britney's Circus show. Guess where we'll be tonight?

Flowers in front of the arena

Go Jazz Go

Nothing like a delicious dinner before the big game
Best salad ever
From dinner we took the trax to the arena
Anyone recognize this guy?
Warming up before the game

Baron Davis and Deron Williams talking before the game

This is a good shot to practice
Jazz legends' retired jersey
National anthem
This bear mascot is crazy
Kosta Koufos sang the anthem...not really
The first play. Basketball is a non-contact sport, in case you didn't know
I love the look on Camby's face
Jazz dancers
The bear walks around stealing babies and handing them to the referees
Parachuting Tacos

There was even a little fight, between Harpring and Davis
Oh yes, the Jazz won easily 106:85. Seeing NBA basketball is like hearing a world class symphony orchestra. It was so much fun.