23 March 2008

Day 7, Vienna

These pictures are all from Vienna's City Hall. The professor leading our trip recieved a medal from the city of Vienna.

Vienna has vineyards of its own - we took a tour and sampled some wine.

Day 6, Vienna

19 March 2008

Day 5, Vienna

Day 4, Vienna

This was a very full day. We started out with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Vienna State Opera House. The building itself was exquisite but our favorite part was standing onstage while workers set up for the evening's ballet performance. It was interesting for us to see all the sets and machinery up close, and the view out into the hall was amazing. Next was a visit to the Mozarthaus (our third Mozart museum!), which we didn't get any pictures of. Lunch was at Gina's favorite place in Vienna: Rosenberger, an enormous all-you-can-eat buffet. Gina ate a schnitzel the size of a dinner plate and Thomas had several desserts. In the afternoon we went to the Haus der Musik, a modern music museum with lots of interactive exhibits. Gina was worn out and went home after that, but Thomas bravely tackled the Kunsthistoriches Museum, an art museum with lots of Flemish paintings and a special exhibit of works by Arcimboldo, the famous vegetable portraitist. Thomas took photos of all his favorite paintings, along with their captions. When he got back to the hotel he gave Gina a virtual tour of the museum on his laptop!

Vienna State Opera House intermission room with Rodin's bust of Mahler

Opera House lobby
On stage at the Opera House
Dessert at Rosenberger Some kind of political demonstration
Photos from the Kunsthistoriches Museum