29 September 2009


Ouch, that's a big number. But look what you get for breakfast on your birthday around here!
This afternoon Thomas took Gina to our favorite restaurant for lunch. She got spanikopita and he got a gyro. The most beautiful bouquet Gina ever saw... you know what makes it so pretty? There are CABBAGES in it! Seriously, someone is a genius (and it's Thomas).
Gina came home from teaching to find this surprisingly large stack of presents on the table. Winnie is included here for size comparison.
It's been a terrific day.


ERIKA said...

Hey, I'm 32 with the numbers reversed! =) Glad you are having a fun day!

John said...

Double that and you get your Mom's age. I am a good deal younger. Happy Birthday to you.


Robbie said...

All of England (this includes Her Majesty) says happy birthday GP! Have a great rest of the day!

Daniel and Elizabeth said...

happy birthday Gina! looks like you've had an awesome day so far!!!!

Joey and Suzanne said...

32 isn't so bad....my number is higher still. Looks lie it was a fun day, and yum to the pinepple upside down cake!